Reliable solutions to your Intellectual Property needs

Mundo IP is a consultancy firm that would put its 15 years of experience into work to help and protect its clients’ intellectual properties. It aims to be beneficial to the ecosystem as well as to the clients, with its team that focuses on the clients, cares about quality, not quantity, and offers all kinds of the solutions by feeling as if the intellectual products are their own.

Patent / Utility Model

It is very important to help you get patent grants from different patent offices around the world with claims having broad scope so that you can enforce your patent to stop others from using your invention in their products or processes.

Our team will focus on your needs and will prepare a patent application and prosecute the patent application to obtain patent grant with the protection you desire.


Trademark will help customers identify your product associated with your mark.

We can do a search and we can suggest you a trademark strategy.


It is not easy to be creative; you give a product its final form and you reveal the difference of the product from its counterparts by your design, and you may not always have too many possibilities for this.

Plant Variety Rights

If you develop fruit, tree, or seeds, and protect them, before commercializing your product, it will be proper to apply for a registration and/or national variety list in Turkey.

Did you know that the new plant species are protected by a different law than that of patent, trademark, and design?